23 de março de 2012

part II - march 2012
this is the second "part" of yesterday's shoot, with my lovely kitty-cat, fátima. 
the first part (or the first film), didn't work like i thought it would. it was very windy and we needed help, so the photos would be like i wanted. there was only me and fátima. as you can imagine, i was photographing and she was being photographed, so.. you don't even know how we managed to do it anyway. still, i liked some of the photos and i entend to post them soon .x

1 comentário:

  1. Adoro o olhar da fátima na 1ª. E gosto muito da 3ª, 4ª e penúltima. A luz está mesmo no ponto, acho que resultou muito bem.