26 de março de 2012

i know this is not analogue, but i don't even care. i'm so happy, i could die. since i end up middle school (it was like 3/4 years ago) my family, and other people before, who shall not be named, promised to by me a mouse or a bunny.  i’ve been wanting one since then. it's been a tough time, and i know sweetcorn will be our savior. she is the cutest thing ever.
last month fátima asked me what my bunnie would be called when i had one; joking i said sweetcorn, because of reasons, that make all the sense for me, but i can imagine it makes no sense at all to you, and you might think that sweetcorn is a stupid name for bunnie. since that day i've been thinking more seriously about the bunnies name. i came up with wallflower, which i think it’s a good and lovely name for a bunnie, the thing is… i know i’d end up calling her only flower, and that’s cheesy. plus since that day when we talked about my future bunnie we always referred to her as sweetcorn.
yesterday i finally had my baby bunnie and she is the cutest baby bunnie ever

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