2 de fevereiro de 2013

     There once was a girl who lived in the woods. She didn’t live there all the time, only when things got really bad on the outside. 
There once was a girl who dreamed of escaping, freedom was her only goal. She had a family and friends, she was loved. But there were times when none of that seemed real so she ran, ran as fast as her legs would let her. 
     Once she ran so deeply into the woods there was no way of leaving, she got stuck there. There were no animals or fairytales to guide her, just deep nature. Every breath, every thought was nature. Evolving and devouring nature.
     There once was a girl who often asked herself if she had been born in tragedy. If that was it, sorrow now and darkness ahead. There was no answer for her question, no one would tell her if what she thought was wrong. 
     There once was a girl who lived in the woods. She was there, breathing slowly when the darkness finally took her. She was lying down and it was cold, but there was no more pain. Just sweet tragedy consuming her e very thought. The kind of tragedy people are born with and stays forever. - maria

4 comentários:

  1. o que é que achaste do livro? :)

  2. ainda estou na página 70 de 230, na versão inglesa, e está a ser giro, mas nada de especial. ainda não justificou todo aquele destaque, mas pode ser que mude. e sim, também estou a gostar do holden :)

  3. obrigado inês :) e visitar o teu cantinho é sempre lindo, os teus olhos são mágicos. ♥