8 de julho de 2012

i am who i am, but i wasn't if some things didn't happen along the way. some things leave bruises. my city kills me a little more inside everyday. 
i took this photos of myself, printed around 40 and spead them around my city. the day after, i went to find them and i only got this two back. i left the first one, on the high school i went for the past three years; the second one, i left it on the path i do everyday to go to college. i like the result, i think the photos came out very interesting, like they have a story to tell

3 comentários:

  1. Very melancholic feel in these pictures:) its lovely..

  2. de nada inês. estas estão tão belas.. ai eu sou completamente apaixonada pelas tuas fotografias :3

  3. ora essa, de nada. é bem verdade, as tuas fotografias são lindas :))