29 de maio de 2012

hi, i'm sorry for shutting down the blog. it wasn't making sense for me, there were to many things going on.
when i created this blog, i thought of it like a space where i could post my photos, with my friends, personal and intimate stuff, without thinking about who was watching or what they were thinking, because no one knew about it. but with time, and i know it was mainly my fault, my blog spread around, and some people made me feel unconfortable with this situation. my first ideia was shutting it down completely but then i thought that i could just turn it off for a while, and see how it goes. apart from all that, times are better now, i guess. my first year of uni is almost over, and i can now dedicate myself completely to this blog, and the things i love; i'll have more time to spend with joão and fátima, and hopefully we will do loads of things this summer.
i also think this blog will turn more and more personal as the time goes by. obviously, i'm still unconfortable with real-life-known visitors but i can do nothing about it, besides asking you to don't come here often and be nice with your thoughts .x

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