21 de fevereiro de 2012

i changed my room! it has been unchanged for almost three years... so much happened in these past two years; i just couldn't breath in that room, the lack of space, the memories, the color, everything about it made me sick. so i've been wanting to change my room for a very long time. finally this month it was possible. i truly love my new room (and i'm not the only one, petsy found my bed  the perfect place to sleep, ahaha), it's so simple and cozy, and at night the lights are beyond amazing, everything is so peaceful, i just feel like cuddling with my lovely doggies

3 comentários:

  1. muito obrigada a sério :)
    adorei estas fotografias, o teu quarto está lindo *-*

  2. your room remind me of those you see in early sixties-movies, where the rooms have some kind of particular atmosphere, which is sadly rare currently. xx